Releases by Romance Disaster

“Take off your past” – EP 12″ vinyl (Things To Come Records)

“Dark Candies”– David Carretta feat. Romance Disaster

“Girls-Guns” – EP 12″ vinyl (åtåmåtån records)


“Schwebend” –
Adriano Canzian feat. Romance Disaster

Millimetric (Romance Disaster remix) – Nu Body Records (digital)

“Futura”The Fool’s Stone (Romance Disaster remix) –Space Factory Records (digital)

Romance Disaster’s remix of The Fool’s Stone “Futura” . The Fool’s Stone is the newest project of Hard Ton, Adriano Canzian and Gaia Brigida. “Futura” EP is now out on Space Factory Records

“Some have to dance… Some have to kill” various artists compilation on Mecanica Records. 12′ vinyl

Human Touch? Afraid Of! on Circonstances Aggravantes. 10′ vinyl limited release (sold out)

RD_human-touch 0009736179_10

“Boy” EP on Space Factory Records. (digital)


“State of Mind” – Cute Heels feat. Aga Wilk, 12″ vinyl on Dark Entries Records